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This blog is dedicated to gifs from the tv show Queer As Folk and other gay related gifs.
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When submitting gifs please make sure gifs are under 500kb and are 500 px wide. The ask is always open for requests (because I always lack inspiration)

Last night we made love on the roof, underneath the stars. I never did anything like that with Brian.

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queer as folk meme

five outfits: the scarf - 1.22/2.01/2.02 [2/5]

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- Do you realise if this thing passes, it’ll take away my rights? As well as the rights of every other gay man and woman in this state?

- I believe that’s the point.

The gang watches Michael’s online dating video.

Car Salesman: Huh, you name it, it’s on it. Only, you don’t really want this. Fags drive it. I mean, I don’t know what it is, but they’re attracted to it like flies. A nice couple like you? You wanna be in something like that.

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